Citizens for Disclosure


The presence of an extraterrestrial (ET) or nonhuman intelligence (NHI) on Earth challenges our worldview and offers potential solutions to global issues like climate change.

Despite efforts by key Congressional committees, including the  US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the truth has been suppressed by powerful interests within the Military Industrial Complex.

These entities, controlling secrets within government agencies and defense contractors, are unlikely to provide the answers we seek.

We, the people, must reclaim control over our government and demand transparency.

By educating and mobilizing ourselves, we can push for disclosure of UFO/UAP secrets and ensure our government works in our best interest.

Getting Involved

The range of involvement spans from submitting a “Letter to the Editor” via email to your local paper to more dedicated activities like tabling, town halls, phone banking, petition deliveries, hosting educational events, or assuming the role of a Citizens for Disclosure Local Lead Organizer

Join the Citizens For Disclosure 

Beyond sending a Letter to the Editor, there are many other ways to get involved. However, these would require a commitment of time and energy.

Some grassroots actions we seek assistance with include: Educational Events, Photo Petitions, Tabling, Petition Deliveries, District Meetings, Lobbying, Door-to-Door Canvassing, Phone Banking, and more.

The initial step is to express your interest by  adding your name to this Google form.

Once we receive your name, a representative from the New Paradigm Institute will review your request and provide further guidance.

We urge all Citizens for Disclosure to take our training program in The History, Law, Politics, and Technology of UFO/UAP, which will educate you about the facts you need to know to speak effectively about Disclosure.

Send a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (LTEs) are pivotal in our grassroots organizing initiatives. They serve as a means to highlight crucial issues and showcase the significant work we are engaged in, reaching a broader audience within a state.

When composing an LTE, brevity is key, with most news outlets preferring submissions of no more than 200-300 words. Moreover, it should present a compelling argument supported by facts or data.

The focus should be on connecting UFO/UAP or ET/NHI disclosure and transparency with something local or recently in the news, if possible.

View a sample Letter to the Editor at this link.

Take Action (USA Only)

We’ve established a system allowing you to send a prewritten letter to your congressional representatives. It’s simple! Just fill out your contact information, review the letter, and click “send.” Your letter will be delivered directly to your representatives’ email inboxes!

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