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About Us

We are dedicated to achieving UAP disclosure in order to unite the human family, deconstruct unjust social and economic structures across our planet, gain the benefits of extraterrestrial technology, and restore living biosystems as we take our place in a galactic civilization.
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Our Mission

To compel full and responsible UAP disclosure from governments, private or public companies, and individuals and prepare the human family for the cultural shifts that will come with irrefutable evidence of extraterrestrial contact.

Our Team

Our Work

Our efforts educate and advocate in several key areas of UAP disclosure.

UAP Disclosure Litigation

We utilize targeted litigation to compel full and responsible UAP disclosure from government agencies that are withholding information that would be beneficial to humanity.


Grassroots Organizing: Local, National, Global

Our grassroots, interfaith, and volunteer UAP disclosure network — Citizens for Disclosure — advocates for disclosure around the world.


Research & Investigation

We speak truth to power through research and investigations that prompt legal action and policy formation while making facts available to the public.


Public Education & Academic Credentialing

We provide foundational information on UAP history and the current status of today’s disclosure movement and teach in the Extraterrestrial Studies academic certification program at Ubiquity University.


Policy: UAP Disclosure, Whistleblower Protection

We’re using our experience in working with lawmakers on the state and federal levels to develop policies and advocate for legislative action on UAP disclosure.


Legal Assistance for Whistleblowers

Due to our grounding in the law, we are available to help whistleblowers navigate the legal and professional challenges inherent to stepping forward.

Our History

We are an initiative of the Romero Institute — a law and public policy center with a legacy of combining public education, grassroots organizing, and high-impact litigation to expose the sources of injustice, promote life-sustaining solutions, and compel disclosure from powerful institutions since 1975.
Founded to Seek Justice

Our Chief Counsel, Danny Sheehan, and Executive Director, Sara Nelson, first met while seeking justice for Karen Silkwood. The lawsuit Danny filed on behalf of Silkwood's children, and a coalition — including the National Organization for Women (where Sara served in leadership), the Jesuit Office of Social Ministries, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Anti-Nuclear and Safe Energy Movements, Environmental Policy Institute, and the Oil Chemical and Atomic Workers Union — resulted in a record-setting $10.5 million judgment to Silkwood’s estate. The case established new precedent in liability law, and it effectively stopped the building of all private nuclear plants in the United States.

Together, they formed the Christic Institute and created a unique model for social reform in the United States.

Over the next 17 years, the Institute prosecuted and amplified some of the most celebrated public interest cases of our time, including Three Mile Island, the Greensboro Massacre, the Iran Contra Affair, and Chase Iron Eyes at Standing Rock.

More recently, the Romero Institute turned their attention to winning justice for the Lakota People, climate change initiatives aimed at creating local renewable power utilities, and developing and promoting laws and policies that create a green economy free from destructive petroleum.

The New Paradigm Institute is our most recent initiative, founded at a time when the public and members of government are increasingly insistent that the 80-year era of UAP technology and contact secrecy come to an end — for the benefit of all humanity.

More About Romero
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Danny Sheehan

Danny has protected the fundamental and inalienable rights of our world’s citizens and has elucidated a compelling and inspiring vision for the future direction of our human family. His dedication to this vision and his work have placed him at the center of many of the most important legal cases and social movements of our generation.

Recent Results

Formally launched in the fall of 2023, we have been growing fast as we build coalitions, Citizens for Disclosure teams, develop our educational programs, take action, and more.
UAP Advocates Rally at Senator Chuck Schumer’s New York OfficeOur Citizens For Disclosure rally to thank Senator Schumer is the first in a series of similar gatherings as we spin up local and state chapters across 45 U.S. states.Open Letter for Danny SheehanRead Danny’s response to Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick and the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office's March 8th, 2024 AARO Report to Congress.Officials Who Gutted the UAP Disclosure Act Publicly IdentifiedLearn how intelligence agencies and government contractor aerospace corporations are applying political and financial pressure to kill or gut this legislationWe Rallied the Public to Call for Congressional Hearings with UAP WhistleblowersWe have engaged with tens of thousands of Americans to join our cause and demand truth and transparency from their representatives and senators.First Ever Extraterrestrial Studies Program Launchedwith Ubiquity University to offer an Academic Certificate program leading to graduate degrees in Extraterrestrial Studies.Our Ads Encourages Public to Demand UAP Hearingsreleased a flight of six ads appealing to different constituencies to gain public support for Congressional hearings on UAP.
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“The American public has a right to learn about technologies of unknown origins, non-human intelligence, and unexplainable phenomena.”

Chuck ShumerUS Senate Majority Leader