New Paradigm Institute – Mission Statement

The mission of the New Paradigm Institute is to inform the public of the true facts surrounding the UFO/ET phenomenon and to mobilize them to secure full and responsible disclosure of the information about UFO technology and nonhuman intelligent visitors held in secret from the Congress for 80 years by the military/intelligence/aerospace industry complex. The means that we will employ will be strategic litigation, policy development and implementation, deep research, public and academic education, and national, international, and grassroot organizing. 

This initiative of the Romero Institute is motivated by a desire to unite the human family and deconstruct the unjust social and economic structures on our planet, eliminate nuclear weapons, and restore our living biosystem as we take our place in a galactic civilization.

New Paradigm Institute Team

Daniel Sheehan

Danny Sheehan

Chief Counsel


Carrying degrees from Harvard College and Harvard Law School, Danny has helped lead multiple lawsuits of historic importance, including three Supreme Court cases, the Iran Contra Lawsuit, the Three mile Island litigation, and the first Sanctuary defense case. Prior to forming the Christic Institute in Washington D.C, he litigated a number of high-profile cases including establishing the right of news journalists to protect their sources, the Pentagon Papers case for the NYT, the Watergate Burglary case, and the Wounded Knee occupation case for the ACLU. He directed the New Paradigm Initiative at the State of the World Forum, and authored his book The People’s Advocate.

Sara Nelson

Sara Nelson

Executive Director


Sara is a cofounder and executive director of the Christic Institute which became the Romero Institute in 1995. An interfaith law and policy center based in Santa Cruz, CA, the Institute exposes and implements solutions to serious threats to the environment, structural injustice, and human and constitutional rights. The Institute teams have led many national campaigns including Karen Silkwood, Iran Contra, Greensboro Civil Rights, and Lakota Law. A graduate of U.C. Berkeley, she was a television anchor and journalist, and a national N.O.W feminist leader. She served as the Executive Director at the State of the World Forum in 1999.

Jim Garrison

Director, Washington DC Office


Jim Garrison, Ph.D, worked with Danny and Sara in the Christic Institute as Director of Nuclear Policy and as Director of the Easlen Soviet-American Exchange Program from 1985 – 1990. He served as President of the Gorbachev Foundation/USA (1992 – 1995) and President of the State of the World Forum (1995 – 2004) with Mikhail Gorbachev serving as Convening Chairman. In 2005, He became President of Ubiquity University. Jim received his B.A. from the University of Santa Clara, an MTS from Harvard, and a PhD from Cambridge. His books include The Plutonium Culture, America as Empire, The Darkness of God: Theology after Hiroshima, Citizen Diplomacy, and Civilization and the Transformation of Power.

Daniel Paul Nelson

Director of Special Projects


Daniel oversees the New Paradigm Institute communications team and tech capacity. He has over 15 years of experience as a Romero project director, organizer, researcher, and writer. He led the national Democreation Youth Voting project in 2004, a Festival Movement speaking tour, and the Lakota People’s Law Project for nine years, transitioning it to the leadership of Chase Iron Eyes in 2023. He holds a BA in Political Theory from Harvard College with honors, an MA in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago, and was offered a full PhD Fellowship to Brown University in political philosophy.

Anna Mason

Development Manager


Anna spearheads fundraising efforts and donor relations for the Institute. Before joining the Romero team in 2019, Anna worked in marketing, sales, and entertainment. She is excited to be a part of this vital shift towards openness, knowledge, and understanding – of our universe and place within it. Anna holds a BA in American Literature & Culture from the University of California, Los Angeles and resides with her family in Carmel, CA.

Daniel Fettinger

Digital Manager


Daniel Fettinger’s tenure as Director of Technology at the first Mandarin Immersion School in the United States exemplifies his comprehensive expertise and people-oriented approach. His nearly three decades in technology, shaping departments for companies like StubHub and TheFind from inception to acquisition, underscore his profound technical leadership. Beyond tech, his endeavors as a children’s book author and certified Reiki master enrich his insights into user needs and expectations, integrating a unique blend of system understanding with a deep appreciation for the human elements at play.

Greg Rose

Digital Marketing Manager


Greg has 15+ years experience as a digital marketer, community manager, developer evangelist, webmaster and content creator for some of the largest corporations in Silicon Valley. In his spare time Greg enjoys digital photography, hiking and is a volunteer DJ and Music Director at a local community radio station. Greg resides with his family in Santa Cruz, CA.

Katie Amren

DC Operations


With over two decades of professional corporate experience spanning diverse industries in both the public and private sectors, Katie has honed a multifaceted skill set and developed a profound understanding of organizational dynamics.

Demonstrating a talent for fostering cross-functional partnerships, streamlining processes, and aligning organizational objectives with actionable strategies, Katie has consistently delivered impactful results throughout her career. Her adaptability, coupled with a steadfast commitment to integrity and accountability, enables her to navigate complexities effectively and achieve success in challenging environments.

Kevin Wright

Public Relations Manager


Kevin Wright has 25 years of experience in Washington, DC, in public relations, communications, and issue advocacy. He founded Solve Advocacy, an issue advocacy and communications consulting firm dedicated to UAP and edge science issues. He is a press and media strategy consultant to New Paradigm Institute and a weekly columnist for the Roswell Daily Record.

Lesley-Reid Harrison

Administrative Assistant


Lesley-Reid, raised during apartheid era South Africa, has a lifelong commitment to social justice. After living undocumented in the U.S. for ten years and raising a family, they graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCSC in 2014 with BAs in Feminist Studies and Sociology. They are a founding member of Pajaro Valley Pride in Watsonville, CA. Lesley-Reid disrupts discrimination and advocates for intersectionality to ensure that folks who have historically been at the margins of queer movements are centered in our work and personal spaces. Lesley-Reid facilitates spaces for LGBTQ2+ folks of all ages and backgrounds to develop and share their stories, actively seeking ways to amplify the voices of marginalized communities. Their passion is shining a light and bringing change to the challenges BIPOC, transgender, and gender non-conforming members face, both within and beyond the Queer community.

Tyler Zahradnik

Digital Communications Specialist


Tyler Zahradnik is a self motivated and innovative multimedia producer and digital communications specialist. Collaborations include Anomaly Entertainment, Travel Channel and Discovery Plus, with productions airing on national television. Tyler’s background specialty is audio engineering and music composition, which evolved into videography and video production. Currently, Tyler is pursuing Journalism at NYU.


Restoring Public Trust

Transparency in matters of national and global significance is fundamental to a healthy democracy. By advocating for the release of UFO/UAP information, we seek to restore public trust in government institutions. This transparency is not just about UAPs; it’s about reinforcing the principles of openness and accountability in all areas of governance. NPI will share credible facts with the public as we conduct meticulous investigations and research.

Advancing Scientific Inquiry

The acknowledgment and study of UFOs/UAPs can open new frontiers in scientific research. Understanding these phenomena could lead to breakthroughs in technology, energy production, physics, and our comprehension of reality itself. By demanding disclosure, we are advocating for a leap in scientific progress.

Cultural Impact and Education

The disclosure of UAP information has the potential to reshape our cultural and educational paradigms. It will inspire new academic fields, influence popular culture, and ignite a global conversation about our place in the cosmos. This cultural shift will enable us to develop a responsible and peaceful relationship with our galactic neighbors.

Preparing for the Future

Understanding UFOs/UAPs is not just about uncovering the past; it’s about preparing for the future. Whatever truths lie behind these phenomena, it is crucial that humanity is informed and ready to face any potential implications or challenges that may arise, as we enter into this New Paradigm.

National/ Global Advocacy for UFO/E.T. Transparency

At the forefront of our efforts is a national/global advocacy campaign. We aim to engage with national and international organizations, governments, religious and scientific communities, and citizens worldwide to foster a collaborative movement for UFO/UAP transparency on this global phenomenon.

Educational Outreach and Public Awareness

We are committed to educating the public on the credible facts pertaining to UFOs/UAP and the ongoing disclosure process that is underway. Through a Communication Alliance and a vigorous grassroots campaign, and through seminars, webinars, undergraduate and graduate programs, we aim to demystify UFOs/UAP and advocate for open scientific inquiry.

Research and Documentation

To substantiate our advocacy, we are conducting in-depth research and compiling comprehensive documentation on UFO/UAP incidents and government responses worldwide. This repository of information will serve as a critical resource for policymakers, researchers, and the public, providing a factual basis under our Calls to Action for disclosure.

Strategic Litigation for Information Release

As a fifty-year law and policy center, we will investigate the potential use of strategic litigation in the disclosure process. Policy Development and Legislative Advocacy We are actively involved in shaping policies and legislation related to UFO/UAP transparency. By working with lawmakers and policy experts, we strive to ensure that new laws and regulations are informed, effective, and in the public interest.

Community Engagement and Grassroots Mobilization

We recognize the power of community involvement. Our grassroots mobilization efforts focus on building a strong, informed community of advocates. Through local teams, events, conferences, etc., we aim to create a movement in motion at the community level.

Attention members of the Press and other interested parties!

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