Ask Congress to Hold Hearings With UFO/UAP Whistleblowers

Ask Congress to Hold Hearings With UFO/UAP Whistleblowers

It is critical to our democracy that our government be honest and transparent. Congress must immediately launch public hearings and investigate what the government knows about UFOs/Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) and non-human intelligence (NHI). Contact Congress now! Stand with Daniel Sheehan and the New Paradigm Institute and demand full disclosure. 

About The New Paradigm Institute

The New Paradigm Institute, founded by acclaimed civil rights and Constitutional attorney Daniel Sheehan, is dedicated to advocating for the public release of information held by the government surrounding the issue of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), or what was commonly known as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

Our government keeps too many secrets, especially and including UAP. The public has a right to know what the government has learned after decades of study.

The time for excuses, opaqueness, and coverups is over. Congress can’t justify continued secrecy. Congress can’t say the time isn’t right. The public has waited decades for the truth. If not now, when? The public deserves an honest and transparent government. Now is the time to unite in a common cause and set aside any partisan differences. Now is the time for action.

That’s why we are launching initiatives to compel disclosure and transparency. Please join us in this fight against excessive government secrecy. Together, we can win disclosure of the truth and reality of UAP.

The New Paradigm Institute is a project of the Romero Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit interfaith law and policy center, formerly known as the Christic Institute. Romero and Christic are known for such legal campaigns as the Karen Silkwood and Three Mile Island nuclear safety cases, the Greensboro case against the Klan and Nazis, the first Sanctuary defense case, the Iran Contra case against the Enterprise, and the Chase Iron Eyes case at Standing Rock.