Hold UFO/UAP Whistleblower Hearings

Demand Congress Hold More Hearings With Whistleblowers

It’s vital for our democracy that our government upholds honesty and transparency. Congress should promptly convene public hearings with firsthand whistleblowers and launch an investigation into what information the Pentagon and Intelligence Community possess regarding UFOs/Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) and non-human intelligence (NHI). Take action now by reaching out to Congress! Join Daniel Sheehan and the New Paradigm Institute in their call for complete disclosure.

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In December 2022, President Joe Biden signed the Fiscal Year 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law. Sec. 1683 of the Act established the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) to investigate UAP and uncover UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering programs.

One of the mandates given to AARO was to compile and write a report “detailing the historical record” of the Intelligence Community’s involvement in UAP dating back to 1945, which would pre-date the infamous Roswell incident (1947).

AARO recently released the “Report on the Historical Record of U.S. Government Involvement with Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), Vol. 1.”

Worse than a mere whitewash of the government’s role in UAP investigations, particularly that of the Intelligence Community, the report appears to be part of a more extensive disinformation campaign prohibited by Executive Order 12333 against the American people.

Executive Order  12333 explicitly bars covert actions “intended to influence United States political processes, public opinion, policies, or media.” However, the content of this report and the events leading up to it appear to do just that.

Elements of the military and intelligence communities refuse to be open and transparent with the public and Congress. The only way we will get to the truth is if Congress immediately holds new public whistleblower hearings with first-hand account witnesses and investigates what the Pentagon and Intelligence Community know about UFOs/UAP and NHI.