Sample UFO/UAP Letter to the Editor

 A sample Letter to the Editor is provided below, comprising 335 words. It is essential to note that various newspapers maintain distinct rules and regulations for publication, including maximum word counts. Therefore, prior to submission to any newspaper or local publication, it is imperative to research and adhere to their specific requirements thoroughly. The sample Letter to the Editor presented here can serve as a template for your use, and modifications can be made as necessary. Our overarching objective is to elevate awareness of the current UFO/UAP legislation, fostering its integration into mainstream discourse.

Sample Letter to the Editor

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Subject: [Ex. Congressional Hearings with UFO/UAP Whistleblowers]

Dear Editor,

As a concerned citizen, I am writing to you regarding our government’s lack of transparency for seventy-five years about what it knows about UFOs or what the government now calls unidentified anomalous phenomena or UAP.

In December 2017, the New York Times  revealed a secret government program investigating UFOs/UAP in the late 2000s. In June 2021, the Director of National Intelligence issued a report acknowledging the UFO/UAP phenomenon is real. In December 2022, Congress passed bipartisan legislation to continue investigating UFOs/UAP. Pressured by the aerospace/military industry, three Congressional leaders weakened a bipartisan Bill. However, the President just signed legislation that directs the Defense Department and military services to turn over copies of their information about the UFO/UAP phenomenon to the National Archives. The President did, however, reserve the right to withhold some UFO secrets from the public.

The public knows little more than it did when the US Air Force closed the Project Blue Book investigation in December 1969. The government assured us there was nothing to see here, but that’s just not true.

In July 2023, intelligence officer turned whistleblower David Grusch  testified under oath before Congress that our government is in possession of an intact non-human craft – and its “non-human” occupants, and has been concealing a UFO/UAP “crash retrieval and reverse engineering program” for decades, even from Congressional oversight and some Presidents. David Grusch recently said, “Only 50 people know what is really going on.”

The vehicles filmed by our military pilots are using physics beyond our current understanding, knowledge of which could provide solutions to our energy needs and solve our present climate crisis. 

As a democracy, we must have an open and transparent government. It’s time we, the public, take action and contact our representatives in Washington, DC, to demand more UFO/UAP hearings with whistleblowers like David Grusch. It is time for us to learn the truth about the UFO/UAP phenomenon…and the fact that we are not alone in our galaxy. 


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Citizens for Disclosure, a project of the New Paradigm Institute