New Paradigm Institute - Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, January 24, 2024 — Last December, the US Government enacted legislation mandating that all government agencies and contracting agencies having any evidence of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), technologies of unknown origin (TUO), and non-human Intelligence (NHI) must turn the information over to the National Archives and Records Administration. This legislation is an extraordinary milestone in human history. It marked the first time a government stated it possessed records regarding the reality of UFOs/UAP. The most closely guarded secret in human history is now coming into the light of day.

Humanity must now reckon with the reality that we are not alone, that extraterrestrial intelligences exist, that they have been on planet Earth for some time, and that there is evidence of contact and communication. The world will now ask three fundamental questions: what are the facts about UFO/UAP, who are these beings, and how might we communicate with them?

To begin answering these fundamental questions, the New Paradigm Institute (NPI) is collaborating with Ubiquity University to offer an Academic Certificate program leading to graduate degrees in Extraterrestrial Studies. NPI will offer a Certificate on “The History Law, Politics and Technology of UFO/UAP,” starting with two courses taught by Daniel Sheehan, President and General Counsel to NPI, and two courses taught by Richard Dolan, the premier UFO/UAP historian. Ubiquity’s Certificate in “ET Awareness and Communication” will be offered through its School of Science and Consciousness beginning in the fall of 2024.

“Humanity is now beginning its ET Moment. After nearly 80 years of secrecy, coverup, and suppression of anything related to UFOs/UAP, the world public now has the opportunity to learn what we all need to know about our cosmic neighbors, Joint Program Director Jim Garrison, Ph.D., said. “They have been here for some time, and we can now get to know them. This is a great milestone in human history.”

All courses are open to the public and available for anyone seeking advanced degrees in Extraterrestrial Studies. The first course will be “The Facts: History, Law and Politics” with Daniel Sheehan beginning February 29, 2024.

To learn more about this historic collaborative academic program offered by NPI and Ubiquity University, please visit